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You not somebody I'm awesome buddy you got somebody I got some buddies. So I snuck into the local gym to start exercising; as kind of a big kid, I could get away with it. So I took the same approach with rap: Every day after school, I would come home, do my homework, then write and record. A boisterous mix of kick and bass, accented by insistent horn lines, serves as Token’s vocal canvas.

My future is the sun, son of a bitch what they call me but I ain't no dog, dawg, you the one barking up the wrong tree. I went to the doctor and he warned me I was destined for diabetes—just like my dad, and his dad, and his dad before him. If I put my mind to something, if I can visualize an end goal, then it’s something I can make happen. I look at each day as a schedule, as part of a larger plan.” Token’s hours are now filled with putting the finishing touches on his first full-length project, a forthcoming mixtape: equal parts verbal acrobatics, clever conceptual records, and emotional childhood revelation—the first of which is “Necessary Evil,” courtesy of renowned VA producer Nottz.

Hold up, hold up, wait a little half a fucking second I’m confused. You ain’t a friend of me, you ‘fraid of me, and fronting like you isn’t.

I got biz to discuss, I got papers to sign, I got y’all to ignore. I don’t believe in anything that ain’t in front of me. I was never into wishing ‘cause you gave me intuition. I know it’s hard to imagine, your little boy is a savage and a beast. At the meeting, if you haven't seen him, he need half a reason not to bash your teeth in.

I don’t argue no more, homie shut the fuck up, I don’t argue no more. Looking at me like you know what I be thinking, I’ll be looking back at you like what the fuck are you thinking? Rashing meaner than the poison ivy but the boy is gliding like the ballerinas.

I got my hand on my belt, my chick come along, and it’s getting out of hand.

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I ain’t ever met you, why you talking like you’re in my fucking crew? Youngin with a little bit of fame, I’m praying it don’t mess me up, I need to tone it down. I kill everything, I kill everything, they look at me like I caught a body. Fuck it, fucked around and did some shit in Amsterdam I’ll probably never tell a soul about. I was never focused on the fortune now I gotta be ‘cause they be trying to rob me. I don't idolize, you will utilize, pen will penalize. Kind of like a total database - phone that Apple makes.

Look at all of the information that Token has away.

Verse 1: Oh this outfit used to be a little big on me but now it’s fitting and I’m loving it. Approximately that many, my momma she’d be so angry, telling me I be full of it.