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Apparently, Tags: FNC, Fox & Friends First, Fox and Friends First, Fox News, Kelly Wright, Lea Gabrielle, Monica Lewinsky Posted in Cable news beauties, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Kelly Wright, Lea Gabrielle | 1 Comment » Alisyn Camerota promised, “Today is a very special day for us: we hope that you’ll tune in at the top of the hour!

”* For those who did tune in as Aly asked, it was anything but–special. On Monday, reported that her tenure at Fox News would conclude sometime this month.

Taking care of two kids and a husband with a 103 degree fever. Well, more than usual.” After the show, he remarked, “Chest X-Ray time to find out if this is pneumonia.” On the following Monday (two days later), Clayton comically revealed the results: He jested, “I’ve lost 6 pounds! Before she could answer, Brian jauntily interjected, “It’s TNA!

” With a suggestive smile, Steve asked, “What does that stand for?

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' Carlson (left) is planning to showcase a nightly forecast of social media's most powerful weather patterns in the 'Twitter Storm'.

Two days before Valentine’s Day, the sexy siren heralded the debut of her personal new web site

As Aly gave an appreciative nod to its apparent creator, her talented assistant Jenn Marie Rivera, for her “mastery,” she asked her fans for their reviews.

In a second-hour segment on an opining Princeton mom who encouraged female students to snag their eligible schoolmates (like her son because they would never have a better pool from which to pick), Aly smirked at this out-dated dating tip on the preeminence of getting one’s M. ” [Pic of Aly, her handsome hubby Tim, and their three children.] Elaborating, Aly exclaimed, “I could never have followed her advice: Thank goodness, I didn’t married anybody right out of college! ” When Kelly persisted that she was giving the Princeton mother some validity because she had married an Ivy Leaguer, Aly aptly riposted, “But, but, it took me a LONG time to get there!

” Countering, Kelly interjected, “And, then was your husband from an Ivory League school? ” [Author’s aside: Unfortunately, for Tags:alisyn camerota, Clayton Morris, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, In the Greenroom, Kelly Wright, Princeton, Tim Lewis, You Sexy Thing Posted in alisyn camerota, Cable news beauties, Clayton Morris, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Kelly Wright, Pop Culture | Leave a Comment » co-host Alisyn Camerota may always be “Puerto Rico Perfect”: But, her site could use some work.” Subsequently, as a busty ODB began to play with Brian’s tie, Brooke joked, “Uh, oh! I think you got a girlfriend there.” Smiling, Brian riposted, “Well, I’m seeing somebody right now but you never know if it’s gonna really last.” Getting in on the action, leggy, abs-bearing beauty Velvet Sky grabbed his right hand, querying, “Hey, there’s no ring though, right?