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06-Oct-2016 13:16

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Title: Dating Tips For Guys – Fast and easy tips to get the girl you want…

Description:Dating Tips For Guys – Fast and easy tips to get the girl you want…

Anything the mind can conceive, it can believe, and achieve.

I went on a date after calling a woman names for half an hour. How does sex after 5 minutes with a woman who wasn´t a prostitute or anything sound? So tell me: what do YOU think is fair when it comes to meeting and dating women?

4) I´ve been on a date after calling a woman on the same day I got her number, the day after, 2 days, 3 days, heck, I´ve even went on a date with a woman who responded to my message online after 3 weeks. Pay attention though: if she initiates contact after all that time, fine, but the longer you wait?

It´s not their fault or your fault though, no, it´s all because of our ´machismo culture´. ¨ Guy 2: ¨My girl just broke up with me man…¨ Guy 1: ¨Damn thats f*cked up man… The reason for this is simple: if you ask them what they´re attracted to, they´ll give you a socially accepted answer…Most men give up way too fast and that needs to change.3) You make a mistake by saying something wrong, not saying anything or whatever… If a woman gets upset, you lose the moment you get upset too. If you made a BIG mistake, the kind that requires an apology, simply apologize because admitting flaws, weaknesses and mistakes shows way more confidence than pretending like you never make a mistake, ever.Having said that, I´m going to be a pain in the ass here and make getting GOOD daitng advice even more difficult for you by saying this: there are too much dating experts out there that´ll give you an overkill of righteousness. Think about it: don´t look down, don´t do this, don´t do that…

Don´t do this because it´s wrong, don´t do that because it´s not respectable, don´t use this or that clothing style/technique/etc. approach her within x amount of seconds, get her number within x amount of minutes… These are all limitations that can and will limit your success with women.This is not the time nor the place to discuss what classifies as being a wussy, so let´s get down to the essentials here and allow me to tell you what to do: 1) If she already has a boyfriend, man, or male friend with her (= guy who´s interested but hasn´t made his move yet because he doesn´t have the balls)… It´s his happiness OR yours, there´s no win-win option there so take your pick.

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