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16-Jun-2016 00:50

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The dialogue takes place through groups, status updates, and articles exclusively published on Linked In.“We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from members in terms of how they engage with brands,” Mike says.What’s more, it’s a budget loss if you paid for that lead.Earning leads (instead of always buying them) is a perspective shift still taking root in marketing.It’s also a website rich in data that can help you target the precise type of members you want and, by tracking their engagement, see where they are in the buying process.Those insights are critical for pinpointing when it’s okay to give content away and when you should ask for something in return. The age-old marketing question about gated content has been particularly subject to fluctuating public and professional opinion over the last decade or so.“We’re seeing more marketers trying to shift the balance to increase the amount of earned leads through participating in the conversation with ungated content,” says Mike Weir, Marketing Lead for Linked In’s technology sector.

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Invest more at the top and middle of the funnel and you’ll have less work to do at the bottom.We have offices in both Florida, USA and Kent in the United Kingdom and we may be contacted by telephone so members have a customer help line if they need it. We cater to people who are aware of the finer things in life and understand that good living is not a luxury, but a necessity.