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30-Oct-2016 23:11

One of the strongest predictors of satisfaction following the birth of the child was, for women, the feeling that the couple was equally dividing household duties. The popular media often portrays a stereotyped image of couples counseling, featuring such parodies as couples throwing pillows at each other or at least hurling insults while the therapist helplessly looks on. Stimulated by this article's inaccuracies, I wrote a recent blog posting featuring the five principles of effective couples therapy as shown by research carried out at UCLA.

When it comes right down to it, couple satisfaction following childbirth boils down to who does the dishes. Couples can benefit from the therapy, as long as it adopts these evidence-based approaches.

As in the celebrity divorce formula, most of the myths about relationships are negatively framed. The so-called "transition to parenthood" in which a couple goes from a twosome to a threesome (or more) was identified many years ago as the roughest time for a couple.

Great love stories do occasionally grab our attention, as in the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Family life cycle researchers talked about the U-shaped curve of marital satisfaction with the bottom of the U occurring right after children were born.

As a result, we may look in the wrong places for advice on how to have fulfilling relationships.

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Older adults don’t limit their sexual activity to intercourse.

Once engaged, couples living together prior to marriage do not experience negative effects on their marriage’s duration.

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