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13-Dec-2016 05:50

John Briggs, Becker’s lawyer, told the London court: ‘He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances.’Becker, now 49, was once estimated to be worth upwards of £100million.

He was declared bankrupt over undisclosed sums owed to London-based private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co since 2015.

Remaining assets will be disposed of to pay creditors.

Among earlier cash woes, Becker was landed with divorce and paternity settlements in 2001 totalling more than £20million – to his first wife, Barbara, and Angela Ermakova, the Russian model who had his baby after a brief encounter in a London restaurant.

Brussels is demanding that Theresa May submit to powers allowing the European Union to ground flights, suspend single market access and impose trade tariffs on the UK during the Brexit transition period.

Under the proposals, the EU would have unprecedented legal powers — without the oversight of...

They seem a bit fruitless at times.’Mr Facey is also chasing a bill of £59,000 from a 56-year-old woman from the Philippines who underwent heart surgery.

The charges against the man, who was known only as Nick and whose accusations started Scotland Yard’s disastrous inquiry into prominent figures, relate to Category A images, the most serious level. The man alleged to have made false claims of a Westminster child abuse ring has been charged with making indecent images of children.

Her husband is in Nigeria, and cannot come to Britain to help take care of her as he does not have enough money for a visa or the flight.

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