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09-Jan-2017 22:11

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Rasmussen College programs adhere to high standards of education as a regionally accredited institution.Through additional programmatic accreditations and affiliations with leading companies, we ensure our students receive quality education and experience trusted by leading employers.According to a large study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, MRI scans of people under chronic occupational stress shows that the brain reacts to stresses by changing its circuitry.This might help it function under stress, but it's bad for longterm health, including mental health.If you don't have a creative bone in your body, try some colouring in.When things get tough lots of people find themselves getting into a stressful cycle of negative thinking. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is particularly good for tackling this problem, and it can benefit your overall health too.

The 21st century workplace can be a high-pressure place, with constant monitoring of success or failure.Instead of getting on a bus, train or tube during rush hour, walk for a while in an area where there are trees or open spaces.Obviously this won't be practical for everyone, but it could even be that you walk along your bus route, but don't get on for a mile or two.Swimming lengths may be just what you need to switch off; or will it just allow you to ruminate on what's gone wrong earlier that day? For some people running is a cure-all, but for others it ratchets up their stress, especially if it's competitive.

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Exercise ranges from yoga and tai chi to weight training, so you have plenty to choose from.Even in what might seem to be the easier side, freelance life, there's the insecurity of 'gig economy' jobs, with zero-hours contracts, and little sense that employers care about their staff.

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