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Obama became a consultant and eventually a trainer of community organizers for Gamaliel. The Gamaliel connection appears to supply a solution to the riddle of Obama’s mysterious political persona.(He also served as a trainer for ACORN.) And he has kept up his ties with Gamaliel during his time in the U. On one hand, he likes to highlight his days as a community organizer — a profession with proudly radical roots in the teachings of Chicago’s Saul Alinsky, author of the highly influential text Rules for Radicals. Kennedy fears that supercharged passions fueling the national health-care debate may lead to violence.“We put a lot of people in jail around the world for threatening our country’s security.But this atmosphere of attack that doesn’t attack the issue, but attacks the people, is very disruptive to the institution of democracy, which relies on a respect for the opposition.” He continued: “George Wallace didn’t need a gun to pull a trigger.Also, a little over a minute in, the mic moves close to someone and the name Obama can be heard.So on some of the chants it is both and on others it is clearly Oh God and not Oh Obama. It was taken at a Democracy Day Action in Washington DC in 2008.In l986, the Foundation was reorganized as an organizing institute providing resources to community leaders in the efforts to build and maintain powerful organizations in low income communities.The Gamaliel Foundation has grown from three to more than forty-five affiliates in seventeen states and in three provinces of South Africa.

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They claim to include 1,600 congregations in their membership.

You deserve better then what we have now with these politicians.

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