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By 2011, the species had been recorded along the Finnish coast of the Gulf of Finland, in the Archipelago Sea and the Åland Islands.

The northernmost observations to date were made in 2013 outside the town of Raahe (about 64°4′N) in the Bothnian Bay.

It is not known whether the source population is from the Black, Azov or Caspian Sea and whether it arrived via the inland river systems of Don/Volga or Dnieper–Vistula, but the species was most likely transported to the Baltic with the ballast water of vessels (Sapota, ).

This comparatively rapid translocation, together with a steep decline in salinity (16-18 PSU in the Black Sea vs.

The locations in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland were also close to artificial structures such as piers or built embankments, which has been noted as the round gobies preferred habitat as they provide suitable nesting sites and shelter (Mac Innis & Corkum, .

Fish were collected using three types of passive gear; 5 minnow traps (mesh size 6 mm), 10 collapsible crayfish traps (mesh size 12 mm) and 3 eel traps (mesh size in cod ends 10, 14 and 17 mm).

when non-native species act as a new competent intermediate and/or paratenic host for native parasites.

This spillback may be of pronounced ecological significance, as it facilitates the transmission of parasites to native hosts and can increase the prevalence of diseases in a population (Kelly et al., and references therein).

This has been true, for example, in the Gulf of Gdansk, where the parasite abundance of the round goby increased from six species in the first studies (Rokicki & Rolbiecki, ).The sampling was conducted in June 2015 using identical trap assays at each site (see below).

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